Proteins are made up of many different linked amino carbon acids. A typical protein is made up of 300 or more amino carbon acids, with each protein having a unique number and sequence of amino carbon acids. Just like the letters of the alphabet, amino carbon acids can be arranged in millions of different ways to form new “words” and an entire “protein language”. Depending on the number and sequence of amino carbon acids, the resulting protein folds into a specific shape. This shape is very important because it determines the function of the protein (e.g. muscle or enzyme). Every species, including humans, has its own proteins. These body proteins are constantly renewed and replaced throughout our lives. This process (known as “protein biosynthesis”) requires a continuous supply of all essential amino carbon acids (EACA), as our bodies cannot produce them themselves. Although some amino carbon acids can be recycled by breaking down old body proteins, this process is imperfect. This means that we must constantly supply all EACA to meet our body’s demand for amino carbon acids. If only one EACA is missing, the required target protein cannot be produced, even if all other EACAs are present in abundance. DAMINOC® EACA Complex speaks the protein language of humans because it is a copy of the human EACA pattern. No other animal or vegan protein source can do this.