• Muscle breakdown starts at the age of 30.
  • We loose an average of 30% of our muscle mass by the age of 60.
  • It doesn’t have to be like that!
  • Thanks to Daminoc® we can maintain our muscles as we age and even have more muscle mass than we had when we were young.
  • Daminoc® stimulates our body to build up more protein.


The end to Protein Myths

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The perfect composition of all essential amino carbon acids makes Daminoc® unique. The efficiency is studies proven.

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  • Not all of the Amino Carbon Acids in dietary protein are reassembled into proteins. Some are converted to glucose, i.e. sugar, and burned for energy production.

  • The quality of dietary protein is scientifically represented by its nitrogen utilization (NNU). It indicates how large the proportion of dietary protein converted into body protein is in its total protein content. The rest of the protein is broken down in an energy-intensive manner and does not provide any advantage to the body for building its own proteins.

  • If a dietary protein has an NNU of 100%, it means that our urine is completely nitrogen-free and our body uses 100% of the Amino Carbon Acids in that dietary protein to build body protein.

  • If a dietary protein has an NNU of 10%, this means that our body is only using 10% of the Amino Carbon Acids to build body protein, which in turn means that 90% of the Amino Carbon Acids are converted to sugar.

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Why Amino Carbon Acids are essential for Life and we should take Daminoc®