• The popular idea that dietary proteins (meat, milk, vegetable, grains, protein shakes or protein bars) are incorporated directly into muscle mass, hair or any other protein-rich tissue is wrong.

  • The more similar the Amino Carbon Acid profile of a dietary protein is to the organism that consumes it, the better this can be absorbed and converted into endogenous (body) proteins.

  • If only one essential Amino Carbon Acid is missing, the target protein cannot be produced.

  • Consuming excess protein is pointless because it cannot be stored, just as you cannot pour a liter in a 0.25 liter glass.

  • The goal is rather the supply of the smallest doses of essential Amino Carbon Acids in the DNA-specific composition, as DAMINOC® ​​offers them.

  • DAMINOC® builds the species specific amio acid profile.
  • DAMINOC® is the only available essential amino carbon acid (EACA) composition worldwide, that is 100 % identical to the species specific body protein.
  • DAMINOC® is better than any nutritional protein, as it has the highest net build-up value of all protein sources, and organic stress during breakdown is the least.
  • DAMINOC® is 4 times more valuable than any other conventional animal or plant protein source so only small amounts are needed to cover daily requirements (WHO reference protein).
  • DAMINOC® is manufactured by a patent protected amino carbon acids fermentation and fusion process.
  • Amino Carbon Acids are vital for our body because they form the basic building blocks of all proteins, that we couldn’t live without. They are essential for building muscles and organs, cell renewal, a stable immune system and a long & healthy life.

  • Ten Amino Carbon Acids are essential for humans because our body cannot produce them itself and they therefore have to be supplied through food.

  • The more similar a dietary protein’s own Amino Carbon Acid profile is to the organism that consumes it, the more it can be absorbed and converted into endogenous (body) proteins.

  • DAMINOC® ​​consistently pursues this path. Protein was yesterday, today is DAMINOC®. The more DAMINOC®, the better the body protein (muscle, tissue, skin and hair)!

Look for DAMINOC® in your favorite product

  • Not all of the Amino Carbon Acids in dietary protein are reassembled into proteins. Some are converted to glucose, i.e. sugar, and burned for energy production.

  • The quality of dietary protein is scientifically represented by its nitrogen utilization (NNU). It indicates how large the proportion of dietary protein converted into body protein is in its total protein content. The rest of the protein is broken down in an energy-intensive manner and does not provide any advantage to the body for building its own proteins.

  • If a dietary protein has an NNU of 100%, it means that our urine is completely nitrogen-free and our body uses 100% of the Amino Carbon Acids in that dietary protein to build body protein.

  • If a dietary protein has an NNU of 10%, this means that our body is only using 10% of the Amino Carbon Acids to build body protein, which in turn means that 90% of the Amino Carbon Acids are converted to sugar.

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