Look for DAMINOC® in your favorite product

  • DAMINOC® is the only available amino acid composition worldwide that is 100 % identical to the species-specific body protein.
  • The more similar a nutritional protein is to the body protein in terms of its amino acid composition, the higher its quality.
  • Amino acids are vital for our body because they form the basic building blocks of all proteins, that we couldn’t live without.
  • Amino acids are essential for building muscles and organs, cell renewal, a stable immune system and a long & healthy life.
  • All types of nutritional proteins are broken down into amino acids by the body. They are the precious end product that is involved in all building processes inside the body.
  • Each species has its own specific amino acid profile.
  • DAMINOC® is better than any nutritional protein, as it has the highest net build-up value of all protein sources, and as such organic stress during breakdown is the least.
  • Since DAMINOC® is 100 % identical to the species specific body protein, nothing can compete.