How much more would we have to eat to gain 5 kg of lean muscle mass in a year? First of all, we should note that 500 g of muscle mass contains 600 kcal. This is true for everyone. You can test this by putting 500 g of muscle meat into a calorie measuring device. So if you want to gain 5 kg of muscle mass within a year, you would have to consume 6000 kcal on top as required for maintenance. Why is that so? If 500 g of muscle mass contains 600 kcal and we want to gain 5 kg, we need to consume 6000 kcal (10 x 600) more than necessary to maintain the existing muscle mass. 6000 kcal within a year means an additional 16.43 kcal per day (6000 : 365). However, nobody builds up 5 kg of muscle mass within a year by simply consuming 16 kcal more per day. First of all, the muscle must be stimulated. At the same time, a balanced diet is needed to maintain the existing muscle mass. And then a very small amount of additional food is needed. If we still don’t build muscle mass despite eating enough food, what is the reason why we don’t see muscle growth?
The reason is that we don’t train hard enough – period. Many of us eat more than we need. This does not mean that we should constantly monitor our calorie intake, but rather that we should not force ourselves to consume hundreds of extra kcal or protein per day in order to boost the muscle building process or grow faster, but rather train in a more focused way. 3.5 g Daminoc® (1 sachet) contains 9 kcal. 1-2 sachets per day are therefore suitable for maximizing the muscle building process. Daminoc® contains only the purest protein building blocks (EACA Complex) in accordance with the human EACA profile and is 4 x more valuable than any other protein source. DNA FORMULATED, CLEAN, PURE!