Products highly enriched with proteins bring billions to the manufacturers. The benefits of these products are questionable. Under certain circumstances, they are even harmful to health. People who do sports need more protein to maintain or strengthen their muscles. Suppliers of special sports nutrition have always taken advantage of this nutritional recommendation. On closer inspection, sports physicians and nutritionists repeatedly emphasize that the advertising and effects are nothing but hogwash. What is needed is a healthy and well balanced, mixed diet. Protein has the advantage of being very filling. Many people therefore believe that they can lose weight better with protein-rich foods. From a nutritional point of view, high-protein products are completely superfluous. And too much protein can even be problematic for people with impaired kidney function. What’s more, many high-protein products are highly processed foods made up in industrial kitchens – often with lots of ingredients. That’s why Daminoc® does not just build any protein – Daminoc® builds your body protein!