• DAMINOC® ​​builds the amino carbon acid profile specific to each species.

  • DAMINOC® ​​is the only essential amino carbon acid (EACA) composition with 10 esseniial amino carbon acids available worldwide that is 100% identical to the species-specific body protein.

  • DAMINOC® contains purely biologically produced, fermented, free form, hypoallergenic L-amino carbon acids.

  • DAMINOC® ​​convinces with a pharmaceutical degree of purity and is 4 times more valuable than any animal or vegetable protein source.

  • DAMINOC® – due to the optimal nitrogen balance (NNU) of 99%, there is no better source for protein building and no protein that has a lower organic burden when broken down.

  • DAMINOC® ​​has aside its immediate absorption and availability a positive effect on muscle growth, regeneration and cell renewal.

  • DAMINOC® ​​- for maximum build-up of body protein.

  • DAMINOC® is sustainable, organic and vegan. It is free from additives (fat, sodium, sugar), preservatives, flavorings or fillers, hormones or genetic engineering.

  • DAMINOC® ​​is suitable for everyone without exception, even with calorie-reduced nutritional regimes. Even small amounts cover the need for all EACA according to the WHO reference protein. If the recommended use is followed, there are no known side effects, contraindications or allergies

  • DAMINOC® ​​is manufactured in Europe using a patented amino carbon acid fermentation and fusion process.